Monday, 11 January 2010

UK Special...

Apologies once again for the gap in posts. The snow foiled me again! But hopefully now we're back! And to celebrate, a little guide to my favourite UK based crafters. All these English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh lovelies can be found on etsy and folksy, and they all use my fab favourite fabric- felt! Go forth and shop! You can find my own felt creations here...

1) Siansburys
Siansburys' sock creations are comic genius. Every last one of them has a character and a story, and her specials, such as this Jimi Hendrix monkey are inspired!

Mixko is a mixed bag of glamourous gorgeousness. jewellry, accessories, lampshades, and each one amazing! They have also had work in the V&A, MOMA and other prestigious galleries. Fab!

3) FeltMeUp Designs
Needlefelted gloriousness! These beautiful birdies from FeltMeUp Designs are amazing. Stunning in their detail and amazing imagination. The look on this little Kingfisher's face is so cute!

4) Lupin
Lupin is an inspiration to all felt floozies likemyself. She not only creates the most beatiful brooches, headbands and pincushions, she posts free tutorials, hosts the most popular craft blog in the UK and has just given up her day job to persue crafting full time. Amazing!

5) ElinartThis Elinart pincushion is a little piece of art. It is modelled on lichen and is just beautiful! Perfect to adorn any art studio.

6) British Cream Tea
British Cream Tea's shop is a wonderous place. Full to brimming of fabulous felt sculptures detailes in fabric and stitch every aspect of traditional british fabulousness. Her food sculptures are incredible too!

7)Karen Hilton Designs

Karen Hilton's stunning cushions are fast becoming a cult classic. I am saving up for one of these sets of three to adorn my living room!

8)Laura Fallulah
LauraFallulah's lovely lavender sachet would look fab anywhere in the home, and her gorgeous label looks fab on it too!

Well thats it for now! I hope you enjoyed that. See you tomorrow!
Betty xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow day...

Hello! Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. Our internet connection was down due to the blooming snow. We have been snowed in for a couple of days, but thats fine by me. More time to sew! Here is a photo of the winter wonderland, taken by my friend Emma...

And now to business... what other theme could we have than the glorious white stuff eh?

These oh so pretty acorns by Fairyfolk are so cute and wintery! Adorable.

This beautiful winter image by Eyeshoot is the kind of thing I always want on a Christmas card. And would definitely frame after. Stunning.

The title of this hilariously comical print is "Snow White and the Usual Suspects"- brilliant! Find it on etsy by Badbird. Their embroidery patterns are amazing too.

The perfect toasty warm accessory for this wintery weather- the Cream Bubble scarf by Moocowhandknits. Its made from amazing pom-pom yarn, and as Moo says "It's a stunning effect, and utterly, totally indulgent." Yum!

Finally, I'm adding a touch of luxury to proceedings. This stuningly understated, glamourous necklace from Luxedeluxe is so beautiful, and will add a touch of wintery gorgeousness to any outfit. Beautiful.

Right, i'm going to brave the cold and trot down to the post office to deliver my postcrossing postcards. Take a look at the website, its my current fave hobby! Enjoy.

Betty xxx

Monday, 4 January 2010

New York, New York...

Today's blog is inspired by Paloma Faith.

I love her. Not just because her music is amazing, but also because her uniquely crafted style is an inspiration. I hope you enjoy my ode to her wardrobe, handmade style...

This 'Taw' from Piksipiksi is something I would love to wear but don't quite have the hair/ style confidence/ joie de vivre to pull off. Paloma would look incredible in it though. I love the playfullness of it and the composition of the image is perfect. Love!

Ooh this is so gorgeous! Very Alice in wonderland meets edwardian chic. Perfect! You can find it here in Mamaslittlebabies wonderful shop.

I'm in awe of anyone who has the patience and precision needed for dressmaking. Particularly when is something as beautiful and elegant as this from Prizysebastian.

At the moment I'm having a love affair with leather. No, not the sordid kind of love affair (cheeky!). The kind of leather that is butter-soft and feels like it contains a life time of memories and fun. And that's what EightSeasons wristlet evokes for me. I can just see it draped over Paloma's wrist too...

And finally an item from a shop I've loved forever, Post. The tights in this shop are incredible! Every pair a masterpiece. But the Flamboyant peacock feather on these is very Miss Faith.

Well I hope you enjoyed that. I leave you with the video to my favourite Paloma Faith track, New York. Enjoy!

Betty xxx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Home is where the heart is...

Today I'm having a home day. Staying cudded up under a blanket, toasting my toes by the fire and watching re-runs of old comedy shows. Bliss! So today has a house theme. Enjoy!

This beautiful house plaque from PetiteHouse on etsy is what inspired the theme. It is in the wedding gift guide and would be the perfect nuptual gift! I just adore the detail in the washing line- amazing!

This is so cute! I love the tiny details and am in awe of anyone with such beautifully crafted french knots! You can find it, along with other gorgeous treats over at Suezybees.

Dream house... ahhh. I fondly remember a comment in my school yearbook which read "One day, you'll get your Dreamhouse" (I was a bit in love with Barbie at the time). And now I can! From at zoozjewelry etsy, strung on a beautiful leather cord. So gorgeous!

I just have to have these! I think having these in my bureau would make me write notes. Maybe! Theyre from luluandstinker (what a great name!) and you can find them, along with lots of other fab goodies here...

And finally- now even the birds can have their white picket fence! I just love that birds can now live in luxury too! You can find more of DoorCountryWoodworks kooky creations here...

Lots of love,

Betty xxx

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome to Confetti Betty!

A new year, a new blog, a new revolution... the aim? To bring handmade to the world. Up the craft revolution! Confetti Betty is all about bringing the best in handmade and handccrafted design to the forefront, and basically, having a jolly good natter while we shop for fabulous goodies. So sit back, relax, grad a cupcake and a cuppa, and wrap your peepers around this yummy lotta' loot ok?

And to begin, a cure for those January blues...

These cheeky cherries from twolefthands on Etsy are good enough to eat, and add a cheery cherry pop of colour to the dullest winter morning. Adorn your wall with it immediately! Before I get there first...

I'm in love with Auroraleehales lanterns. So individual, each one is a work of art. I want five. or six... I just adore the intricate paper cutting- amazing!

I have a thing for writing on square paper. I think its a rebellion thing, but its something I have copied from the Finns when I worked in Helsinki. Or I am mad. Your call. But this notepaper printable from tinyspace is a perfect excuse to follow in my crazed footsteps. And its also great for those Christmas thankyou notes I'm, sure you haven't written yet...

A sentiment very close to my heart, and a beautiful addition to any sewing room, this framed print from Hello Monkey over at Folksy is amazing. Check out her other prints too...

And finally for today... who can resist a biscuit? Especially a jammie dodger with a steaming cuppa. The geniuses over at Homemade obviously can't- they love them so much they adorn their lapels with them- crumb-tastic!

Well we hope you enjoyed that. I'll be back for more tomorrow. But until then, keep crafting!

Betty xxx


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