Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow day...

Hello! Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. Our internet connection was down due to the blooming snow. We have been snowed in for a couple of days, but thats fine by me. More time to sew! Here is a photo of the winter wonderland, taken by my friend Emma...

And now to business... what other theme could we have than the glorious white stuff eh?

These oh so pretty acorns by Fairyfolk are so cute and wintery! Adorable.

This beautiful winter image by Eyeshoot is the kind of thing I always want on a Christmas card. And would definitely frame after. Stunning.

The title of this hilariously comical print is "Snow White and the Usual Suspects"- brilliant! Find it on etsy by Badbird. Their embroidery patterns are amazing too.

The perfect toasty warm accessory for this wintery weather- the Cream Bubble scarf by Moocowhandknits. Its made from amazing pom-pom yarn, and as Moo says "It's a stunning effect, and utterly, totally indulgent." Yum!

Finally, I'm adding a touch of luxury to proceedings. This stuningly understated, glamourous necklace from Luxedeluxe is so beautiful, and will add a touch of wintery gorgeousness to any outfit. Beautiful.

Right, i'm going to brave the cold and trot down to the post office to deliver my postcrossing postcards. Take a look at the website, its my current fave hobby! Enjoy.

Betty xxx


eyeshoot said...

Thanks very much for featuring my Snow Day print! It will definitely be on Xmas cards somewhere in the future (seems like a long way off at the moment!).

themagiconions said...

Wow, Betty... stunning picks!!
Thanks so much for including my snow acorns! Very kind of you.
Blessings and magic,
Donni of Fairyfolk

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